Hazeli Research Group

Our team led by Dr. Kavan Hazeli, researches two distinctive subjects supporting the 4th Industrial Revolution Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Technologies paradigm:

1) Mechanical Behavior of Materials & Failure Analysis. We are interested in designing, testing, and optimizing the mechanical properties of multifunctional materials for high-temperature, fatigue, and impact application. In our lab, we use combined experimental and modeling techniques to understand microstructural mechanisms by which structural materials deform and resist thermomechanical, fatigue, and fatigue.

2) Biomedical Devices. We use the advancement in human-machine interaction (HMI) technologies to help the aging population, with dementia and Alzheimer's to avoid falls. Our core technology combines sensors (e.g., LiDAR, IMU) with artificial intelligence and will provide real-time sensory feedback including haptic and audio in real-time. In parallel, we design and build an object detection and avoidance system for the visually impaired population and diabetes patients.